House of Prince Cosmetics

Make up and Hair Products for all your textured hair needs. Natural Hair or processed hair. Take care of the hair that grows from your scalp.

Melanin Poppin

Save the protective style

Protect your hair under those sew-ins and wigs. Prevent scalp irritation and help that hair grow. Hair products can also bring those wigs and weaves back to life.

Beard oil

Fellas don't feel left out. you can be apart of the Beard Gang. Nice smooth full beards are in

Natural Hair

Take care of the hair that grows out of the scalp. Let your natural crown be the center of the attention. The Hair Pomade will help your hair be healthy and grow long and thick.

The Blanco Palette

Waterproof!!! A wide variety of colors. Our eye shadow is intended to create the illusion of depth and to attract attention to the eyes. Eye shadow is  applied on the eyelids and under the eyes

I'm bringing sexy back!!!

I love Hop Cosmetics especially the Goddess palette. My 35th birthday look was not complete without it

Chocolate Barbie

HOP COSMETICS !!!! I love it. So pigmented and shows up on my dark skin tone. I have every palette!!!